Inner Diamond Deck

 The Inner Diamond Cards are created by a wonderful woman named, Ann Marie Cross. These cards are very dear to me...Let me tell you why.

A few years ago, I had finally left the nest. I had found and moved in to my own apartment in Toronto, while at the same time, my Grandparents were moving to a charming, little town called, Port Hope. This was the beginning of a whole new experience for me, the distance was starting to get to me, I was beginning to feel upset about being so far away from my Grandparents... They are my people, my support system; my sunshine on a rainy day.

As time passed; the distance seemed to grow further and further. Until one day, I was at a local metaphysical shop. While browsing the shelves, I was instantly drawn to this beautiful little draw string bag, and on it read "Inner Diamond Insight Cards." Now; I didn’t get to open the package, so I had no idea what the cards or the messages on them would've even looked like but, I knew I had to bring them home with me.

Once I brought them home, I opened them up and to my surprise they had Ann Marie’s business card in them that read "Port Hope."

In that moment, I felt so close to my Grandparents and I felt comfort in realizing in that the distance between us wasn't as far as it seemed, and we will always be connected to each other no matter the distance.

Since day one of using these cards, the messages have just flown right out of the deck... literally!! I like to shuffle the cards until they present themselves and this deck never fails to provide me with a card or more.

I love the way these cards are written. They are: kind, loving, blunt, humorous and truly do reveal what you need to know at that moment, even if it’s hard to digest. They are all about the right time, place and moment. These cards have a special place in my heart and that is why I like to utilize them when creating jewelry, as each piece I create with spirit by my side, has a message just for you.

To learn more please follow the link below to her website.