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Toronto, Canada

Custom Jewelry

Choosing Crystal Beads 

When choosing my beads I walk through the store and go to where my guides are leading me. I check a strand of beads by holding them in the air and seeing which ones spin with the highest frequency. I find I'm always guided to very high vibe crystals to assist people with their healing journey.

Upon bringing the beautiful Crystal babies into my home I wash them in cool water as applicable (not all crystals can be submerged in water), smudge them and give them lots of love, light and blessings. Some ask to be put with other crystals for rejuvenation, some ask to be taken outside to the moonlight/sunlight and some ask to be sung to with my Tibetan singing bowl. I take them where they need to be, as that is part of my role as a Crystal Keeper.

Divine Guidance

When starting to create my custom orders I start by smudging the area usually with sage and also sweet grass to bring in the positive energy and protect the space. I always meditate before the session starts as well. Once I feel connected and grounded I will call in the clients angels, passed loved ones and Spirit guides working for them on the other side.

Then I ask their guides to communicate any important information my client needs to know. I write all of any messages that I get by hand, this can be very jumbled and all over the place as the messages come from a variety of different sources. I can never guarantee that somebody's guides or loved ones will come through but I do always try to connect and get a message for them. On top of all the messages that I get from their guides I also draw a card from my favorite cards, The Inner Diamond deck (read more here www.earthangelatwork.com/cards ), sometimes it's one card sometimes it's multiple depending on how many I'm drawn to pick it out. I then retype all the information along with a copy of the cards.



When creating the jewelry usually the client has specified what they're looking to heal or sometimes what they just find aesthetically pleasing, both are great to work with as usually even if you're drawn to something just aesthetically, there's probably a deeper healing behind it. 

Some clients know exactly what they want their design to look like and others like to give me creative liberty, I am very open to both options and willing to work with the client to create something that they're going to be happy with.

What is included? 

Along with a reading I also include crystal info sheets in the package to give insight into the healing properties.

Jewelry Options 

I create Bracelets, Necklaces, Anklets and Crowns.

All Custom Orders start at $44.44 and vary depending on the Crystals you choose.

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All questions welcomed.