My purpose is to love, nurture and facilitate healing for others and myself.

Earth Angel At Work began in late 2017 which is when I turned one of my biggest passions into my purpose. I absolutely love assisting all living things on their healing journey!


Earth Angel At Work's Journey

I am the founder and owner of Earth Angel at Work and its various creations, Rachael French. I am a young Ojibwe artist that is based out of Toronto. I absolutely love working with crystals and assisting both people (and also animals) with their healing process and life journey. Driven to heal those seeking guidance; I felt an overwhelming fire to open a business where I could create healing crystal jewelry/art and offer other healing tools/services. In 2017 I took the plunge and started to create my vision as my part time passion project. I have learned so much since starting all this and look forward to the lessons to come.

​In my lifetime I have acquired a Developmental Service Worker Diploma. I was a Case Worker for adults with Intellectual and Physical Disabilities for 10 years. Working in group homes has been such a life changing journey for me. I have met so many beautiful souls that allowed me into their hearts and showed me a variety of perspectives.

In 2019 I left my full-time position to open my  second business Earth Angel Compassion Care. It was such a scary decision but my soul knew I could no longer stay in an environment where my light couldn’t shine as brightly as it needs to. Almost a year later now, I can say that it was ultimately the best thing I could have done. With my new company I get to shine my light every day, by providing compassionate and loving care in the community.

Several years ago I dived into my crystal obsession. I had been truly tested with immense feelings of devastation and the crystals offered me hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. Crystals are subtle healers, like most energy work is; over time working with my Crystals, has supported me to stay connected to the divine, while taking the steps needed to work through my past trauma. They have supported me to stay grounded, protected, connected, strong and resilient during my own healing journey.

I have so much gratitude for our Mother Earth, for her to have the ability and opportunity to share her wonderful, as well as beautiful, healing tools with us!

This life has been a long interesting journey so far and I will forever be grateful that it has lead me here. I feel so blessed in knowing that my purpose in this current life is to love, nurture and facilitate healing for others. I will strive to live by this purpose every day and thank the divine for this opportunity!

Thank you Mother Earth, Source, Angels, Spirit Guides, Animal Guides and all the beautiful Beings of Light!

I look forward to connecting and being part of your personal healing journey!

With Love, Light and Many Blessings,

     Rachael French 

     Earth Angel At Work